Saturday, January 15, 2011


1. Under Capricorn (Alfred Hitchcock)
2. Late Spring (Yasujiro Ozu)
3. The Third Man (Carol Reed)
4. Stray Dog (Akira Kurosawa)
5. Jour de fete (Jacques Tati)
6. The Heiress (William Wyler)
7. Kind Hearts and Coronets (Robert Hamer)
8. She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (John Ford)
9. Caught (Max Ophuls)
10. The Set-Up (Robert Wise)
11. Criss Cross (Robert Siodmak)
12. Thieves' Highway (Jules Dassin)
13. A Letter to Three Wives (Joseph Mankiewicz)
14. All the King's Men (Robert Rossen)
15. Little Women (Mervyn LeRoy)
16. Intruder in the Dust (Clarence Brown)
17. The Passionate Friends (David Lean)
18. The Silence of the Sea (Jean-Pierre Melville)
19. Border Incident (Anthony Mann)
20. I Shot Jesse James (Samuel Fuller)

Also seen:
21. Whirlpool (Otto Preminger)
22. On the Town (Stanley Donen, Gene Kelly)
23. Mighty Joe Young (Ernest B. Schoedsack)
24. Bitter Rice (Giuseppe De Santis)
25. White Heat (Raoul Walsh)
26. Madame Bovary (Vincente Minnelli)
27. Whisky Galore! (Alexander Mackendrick)
28. Thirst (Ingmar Bergman)
29. I Was a Male War Bride (Howard Hawks)
30. Adam’s Rib (George Cukor)
31. Passport to Pimlico (Henry Cornelius)

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