Saturday, January 15, 2011


1. A Day in the Country (Jean Renoir)
2. Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (Frank Capra)
3. Modern Times (Charles Chaplin)
4. Fury (Fritz Lang)
5. Sisters of the Gion (Kenji Mizoguchi)
6. Sabotage (Alfred Hitchcock)
7. The Crime of Monsieur Lange (Jean Renoir)
8. The Only Son (Yasujiro Ozu)
9. My Man Godfrey (Gregory La Cava)
10. Dodsworth (William Wyler)
11. C├ęsar (Marcel Pagnol)
12. Libeled Lady (Jack Conway)
13. Osaka Elegy (Kenji Mizoguchi)
14. These Three (William Wyler)
15. Desire (Frank Borzage)
16. Rembrandt (Alexander Korda)
17. The Petrified Forest (Archie Mayo)
18. Mr. Thank You (Hiroshi Shimizu)
19. Poppy (A. Edward Sutherland)

Also seen:
20. Romeo and Juliet (George Cukor)
21. The Devil-Doll (Tod Browning)
22. Our Relations (Harry Lachman)
23. By the Bluest of Seas (Boris Barnet)
24. Anne-Marie (Raymond Bernard)
25. Swing Time (George Stevens)
26. The Prisoner of Shark Island (John Ford)
27. Gold Diggers of 1937 (Lloyd Bacon)
28. The Lower Depths (Jean Renoir)
29. The Bohemian Girl (Charles Rogers, James W. Horne)
30. The Plough and the Stars (John Ford)
31. Redes (Emilio Gomez Muriel, Fred Zinnemann)
32. The Green Pastures (Marc Connelly, William Keighley)
33. Things to Come (William Cameron Menzies)
34. Come And Get It (Howard Hawks, William Wyler)
35. The Story of a Cheat (Sacha Guitry)
36. Mary of Scotland (John Ford)

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